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Game, Set, Match Two Piece

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*Sold as a set, we can’t break sizes*

This item is one of the FIRST Adeline designs from our Spring Line! It is our favorite because it is seriously as comfy as pajamas and loungewear, but it can also totally work with a sandal or cute wedge. The top is a shorter crop so note measurements. The shorts are a higher waisted. Long sleeved top,but we like to wear it scrunched to 3/4 length. The shorts are an elasticized waistband with a non-functional drawstring (it’s just there for looks=D.) The shorts are a generous length, with decent coverage in. We like that it has the look of a romper when front tucked, but the function of a two-piece. This comes in a medium grey melange fabric. 
Fiber Content & Measurements: 
65% Rayon, 32% Polyester, 3% Spandex                                         
Top             S             M             L            
Bust           39           41            43                   
Length     19           19            19                       
Bottom     S              M             L             
Waist         28           29            31                   
Hips           47          48              51                
Length     13           13.5          14                         
Inseam    2.5          2.5            2.5