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Perfectly Framed Sweater


Product Details

This is such a sassy sweater!! It is a sweater you can wear dressy or casual. It would be perfect for a Christmas party with denim! This one is comfortable and chic with cut outs on each shoulder that perfectly frame your shoulders and collarbone. Iy is a halter neckline on the front and back. It comes in a cream color. This one will require a strapless bra (or some halter bra creativity). It fits true to size and has good stretch to it. It is legging friendly but short enough that you front tuck it and wear a cute flare and a belt! Kelcie is pictured in a size small! 

60% Acrylic, 37% Nylon, 3% Spandex


Bust              36        38         40         

Length         22        22         22