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So Chic Slip Ons

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PLEASE NOTE SIZING INFO! if you have these shoes in this color or the black from the past, this run is running a touch smaller!! In the past we told y'all to size down in these but we are finding these fit TRUE TO SIZE!!!! This new run has SUCH a comfy insole in them that it feels like you are walking on a cloud! I don't know about you but I have worn mine just about every week for a year and needed to replace them with a new pair so we brought them back! They are the Cutest. Shoes. Ever. These are so incredibly comfortable for all day wear and have that casual cute look I love so so much! . They are SUPER comfortable, you can often find all of us running around Adeline in them. If you have Disney, Europe, New York, or any walking vacays coming up, first of all, bring me with you. Second of all, get these for walking! This brand doesn’t come in a 9.5!